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Department of Marine Engineering focuses on educating students the marine (or land) transportation and mechanical experts. The Four-Year bachelor's professionals of mechanical , electrical control and power systems to undertake the operation , maintenance , and the control of the systems related to marine transportation or otherrelated fields .

Meanwhile the Graduate manufacturing , and R&D professionals , where their career opportunities are not limited to on board operation , maintenance and control .After the revision of the course content, it meets the requirement of STCW '95 international marine course rules.

In order to strengthen the current goal of education, and also to meet the future goal of development, this Department has adopted a Four-Year Technical education. Students are separated accordingly in various classrooms and groups for more effective teaching since 2003. Under the controlled number of students, diversified professionals are produced. The department has its day classes held in the newly completed cijin campus, mainly in the Lecture hall.

The new Lecture hall is installed with profession Electric Welding, Gas Welding Classrooms, Marine Engine Simulation Classroom, professional Mapping Classroom, Mechanical Pilot plant, Bolier Water Treatment Plant, Steam Engine Dynamic Pilot Plant, Thermodynamic Lab. Model Room, Vessel Engineering Lab, etc. With the establishment of Graduate School, New additions include Advanced Dynamic Lab., Wearing and Plating Lab., Fluid Dynamic Lab., Computer Engineering Lab., Static Mechanics Lab., Marine Engine Computer Classroom, with multi-media classroom for teaching and instruction.

Cijin Campus also has shipping Machine machine shops, etc. Nanzih Campus has electrical, shipping electrical Pilot Plant, Electronics, Automation and control Pilot, for students to gain hand on experiences. Currently, the Department is closely linked with marine transportation companies, like Ever-Green, Yan-Ming, Taiwan Shipping, China Steel Shipping, Taiwan Plastic Group, Wan-Hai, and other major shipping companies to have continued Academic-industry cooperation. The opportunities give students the chances to experience the "ocean internship" at sea.

Taiwan Shipping Companies offer a significant amount of scholarships to students of the Department as part of the cooperation programs. With the increased quality of the faculty and their research capability, cooperation work will further extend to government and private enterprises, such as Taiwan Power Company, China Academic of Science, China Ship Building, Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Agricultural Development Committee, City Government, Chinese Science Committee, ...etc., and also R&D private institutions. During the Weekly Morning Assembly time, distinguished scholars and specialists are often invited to present project speeches or have seminars held by the faculty for fostering of academic exchange.

In addition, according of the current situation, career employment graduates of the Department are increasing to work on board of ships yearly. Their performances are complemented and recognized by respective shipping companies. Some other graduates work in the automobile service and maintenance filed, resource recovery and incinerators, Steam Power Co-Generators, petrochemical plant, pulp and paper plants, steel mills, major company power units, Port Authority, container centers, custom Offices, Ocean Patrol Units, etc. There are diversified employment opportunities for our graduates.

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